About Camunda Platforms

This playground focuses on orchestrating Robot Framework automation packages with Camunda Zeebe process engine. Yet, the same approach works as well with also Camunda Platform 7 Community Edition.

So, what are the differences…?



Thoughts on Zeebe

  • Future is supported by Camunda

  • Simple, event based, distributed

  • Most of “Camunda Platform” closed source

  • Platfrom 8 is Zeebe with applications

  • Custom “source available” license

  • Multi-instance is simple, trivial

  • No file variable, only JSON and FEEL

  • RCC integration with parrot-rcc

Platform 7


Thoughts on Platform 7

  • Future may depend on the community

  • Complete, transactional, monolith

  • “Embedded Java engine with External Task Pattern”

  • Most of “Camunda Platform” open source

  • Never 100 % feature parity with Zeebe

  • Apache License 2.0, “open core model”

  • Multi-instance may not be trivial

  • Files, Java variable types

  • Expressions and scripts with any language

  • RCC integration with carrot-rcc