Pick a sentence
11"We need to address the root causes of inequality."-
22"The government has a responsibility to its citizens."-
33"We must come together and find solutions to our problems."-
44"Political corruption is a cancer on our society."-
55"We must hold our elected officials accountable."-
66"Our democracy is at stake."-
77"We cannot afford to remain divided."-
88"We must work towards a more inclusive society."-
99"Power should not be concentrated in the hands of a few."-
1010"We need to stand up for what is right, even when it is difficult."-
1111"The voices of the people must be heard."-
1212"We must put the needs of the people before the interests of corporations."-
1313"Political polarization is tearing our country apart."-
1414"We need to put aside our differences and come together."-
1515"We must fight for a fair and just society."-
1616"The future of our country depends on the actions we take today."-
1717"We cannot allow our democracy to be dismantled."-
1818"We must not let fear and hatred dictate our actions."-
1919"We must work towards a brighter future for all."-
2020"It is time for change."-